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Troubleshooting with OpsStack

How to Find & Fix Problems Quickly

Troubleshooting. The challenge of every Ops team in the world. And really not getting better with Docker, DevOps, Clouds, and more as these all complicate life when troubleshooting, giving us more tools, more complexity, more moving parts, all on smaller servers that are more easily overloaded.

Contrary to popular believe, moving to the cloud really does not help; in fact, it often makes things more complex, moving from complicated to complex, which means things fail in new and unanticipated ways that are harder to troubleshoot and fix. I’d even argue that all the Docker and DevOps that is good for developers is really not great the Ops teams.

OpsStack is here for you. Built by Ops Teams for Ops Teams, our Unified Cloud Operations Platform is focused on solving real problems for real teams running real systems, at scale. So while it supports all the shiny new toys like Docker, Jenkins, etc. it also lets you dive in to DB issues, CMDB history, logs of all types, cloud details, and our deep monitoring and alerting system.

First, OpsStack gives you a top-down overview of the entire system, and even systems of systems. This includes status, history, alerts, and more so you know what is and has been going on all through your infrastructure. And of course OpsStack is full-stack, looking at every level of every system, from physical servers and clouds up through services like web and DB servers, up to applications.

The System Architecture Center show you system diagrams and automatic discovery of links between your various components, so you can see which parts are (perhaps unexpectedly) connected where. Over time this will show complete monitoring of each link.

Our Dynamic Tech Centers give you deep monitoring, alerting, and analysis data about every key service in your system, such as DB performance, SQL and Slow Log Analysis, Best Practices Audit Results, multi-server comparisons, and much more. These are the dream of every DBA when looking at their system’s problems.

Our CMDB gives you deep insight into how things are built and configured, both now and in the past, plus how it’s changed and how it can be improved. Every part of every services’ config is here, from vhost to db and kernel options to lots of cloud information.

OpsStack’s log manager can show and search logs from any part of the system, from the cloud and kernel to various Linux services up through the database’s slow logs and finally, the HTTP logs, all with metrics and analyses.

The Pièce de Résistance is the Troubleshooting Center with Alert Doctor which integrates all this - including AI-Driven Expert System Troubleshooting coupled to Facts for this problem, additional Test/Observations, Causes, and Repairs.

Finally troubleshooting in one pane-of-glass! Troubleshoot real systems today, on OpsStack.

OpsStack, the Unified Cloud Operations Platform, built by Ops for Ops.

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