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Docker & OpsStack

Unifying Container & Cloud Management

Docker is hot these days, as part of the DevOps Revolution, part of micro-services, and part of just making lives easier for developers, operations, and the build pipeline. But Docker is also a real challenge for and after deployment, especially for operations, monitoring, management, security, and a whole range of other challenges.

In addition, Docker is not very stable, both in real use as a container, and as a technology, i.e. the versions, file systems, tools, API, and more are always changing, often in incompatible ways. This makes managing larger systems quite complex as the upgrade paths along with kernel and other requiremenst are always in motion.

Docker can be used many ways and in many architectures, from single packaging of apps and running on a single VM to multiple static containers per VM to fully dynamic and automatic clustering via Swam, Mesos, or Kubernetes. Each of these is very different in complexity and challenges, and we generally advise customers to start simple and slowly move towards more complexity.

OpsStack, our Unified Cloud Operations Platform, is designed to drive Docker success for customers of all types and sizes. It supports native Docker systems installed anywhere and of any size, including forthcoming cluster support starting with Swarm.

OpsStack can find, install, start, stop, monitor, and alert on Docker systems. It can see inside, can get logs, and more, including image lists, available repos, and file sizes. All the things useful to engineers managing real systems.

The OpsStack Monitoring and Tech Centers also support both Docker and all the contained services such as MySQL, Redis, Nginx, etc. with full data, even on clouds such as AWS.

OpsStack is also integrating Docker into its new Design & Build system as a first class architecture component, so systems, services, clusters, and clouds can be build on top of, under, or inside Docker Containers, of course including hybrid and the mix & match systems found in the real world.

OpsStack’s CI/CD system also supports Docker build pipelines as part of its configurable single and multi-server Action system, which can drive checkout, build, test, containerize, and deployment operations, including external operations such as removing from Load Balancers, Discovery Service updates, etc.

OpsStack is continually evolving and improving, adding more Docker, DevOps, and other services every week. If you have dreams or ideas of what a perfect Docker management platform should look like, let us know and we’ll be sure to deliver it soon.

Develop and Deliver with Docker today, on OpsStack, by ChinaNetCloud.

OpsStack, the Unified Cloud Operations Platform, built by Ops for Ops.

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