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DevOps & OpsStack

Working Together to Build Great Systems

DevOps is hot these days, even if everyone is not quite sure what it is, how to do it, or even how to get started. With competing definitions, long lists of tools and pipeline environments, it’s a colorful and ever-changing concept that everyone wants to work.

The Dev part of DevOps is increasingly clear, with daily builds, separated environments, broad and deep testing, and a vast array of toolchains and libraries to support every device, view, and increasingly interactive applications. However, developing and building the app is only the first half of DevOps.

Real systems still need to be deployed, monitored, managed, troubleshoot, and optimized in real-life, in large and complex systems, and often in a mix of physical servers, VMs, containers, and micro-services. All of which are changing every few months. In addition, real systems use a wide variety of infrastructure technologies from various clouds to load balancers, databases, caches, loggers, and often much more, each of which has its own operational dynamics, interaction issues, and complexity dependencies.

Modern systems can be built upon many different Ops architectures, from physical servers to public and private clouds, plus hybrids, cloud native services like RDS, Docker containers, and even advanced Infrastructure-as-Code.

OpsStack, our Unified Cloud Operations Platform, is designed to design, build, and operate these modern systems, of all types and sizes. On all clouds with any architecture, including a mix of every technology and architecture, from traditional physical to the most modern.

OpsStack directly supports DevOps, and can design, build, and drive the full stack, including the infrastructure and the code, application, and every other part of every system. It includes auto building of the clouds and infrastructure, up through continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), plus support for tools like Jenkins.

OpsStack’s CI/CD system supports build pipelines as part of its configurable single and multi-server Action system, which can drive checkout, build, test, containerize, and deployment operations, including external operations such as removing from Load Balancers, Discovery Service updates, etc.

Once built, OpsStack DevOps, CI/CD, Monitoring and Tech Centers support all common technologies, including Docker, Jenkins and all the usual services such as MySQL, Redis, Nginx, etc. with full data, even on clouds such as AWS.

OpsStack is also integrating DevOps and deployment into its new Design & Build system as a first class architecture component, so systems, services, clusters, and clouds can be built on any infrastructure and include orchestration, deployment pipelines, and CI/CD integration from the beginning. With optional Docker containers all the way through.

OpsStack is continually evolving and improving, adding more Docker, DevOps, and other services every week. If you have dreams or ideas of what a perfect DevOps management platform should look like, let us know and we’ll be sure to deliver it soon.

Develop and Operate with DevOps today, on OpsStack, by ChinaNetCloud.

OpsStack, the Unified Cloud Operations Platform, built by Ops for Ops.

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