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Cloud Management Platforms Don’t Manage

Cloud Management Platforms (CMP) are the latest buzzword in the IT Operations and MSP industries. I’m not sure what they do or how useful they are to you.

Basically they are front-ends on the cloud’s standard consoles and tools, helping you more easily manage AWS, Azure, Aliyun, etc. They help automate a few things, usually add a scheduler, and often include simple design tools and some Cloud Formation templates. They also often add some easier interfaces on top of CloudWatch and/or add some easier-to-use Cost & Billing reports or tools.

These are nice things and probably make life easier. But they are not real cloud management platforms.

They don’t care at all what you run on the clouds, not about your services, web servers, security, configurations, troubleshooting, versioning, performance, users, logs, or much else that really matters. And forget about rule-based architecture, design, best-practices, and more.

Why ? Because it’s too hard. To do all this they’d have to deeply understand all of these services and systems, not only the real ops issues with each cloud service, but also all the Nginx, Apache, Linux, Java/Tomcat, Node.js, MySQL, Redis, ZooKeeper, CouchDB, and every other thing that makes up real systems. This takes a lot of experience and world-class knowledge about everything the world users.

Fortunately we know all these things and we have built a real Cloud Operations Platform, which we call OpsStack.

OpsStack is all about bringing together all the tools and technologies to really manage large-scale Cloud and Internet systems. It is designed to make the engineer’s life easy by providing all the technical information he or she could want, including all the tools, configurations, histories, expert systems, and much more.

Every tech, every tool, every dream of engineers is there or will be soon. For all common clouds, all common technologies, all services, including HA-modes, clusters, Docker, DevOps, and more. With monitoring, alerting, troubleshooting, command-line, performance, configuration, and more like Logging, DBA Tools, Security Scanners, APM integration, Expert Systems, and Backups.

OpsStack manages the full stack, from Cloud (or bare metal) up through the OS, DB, Cache, App, Web, LB, FW, and every other layer or subsystem you may have. With full visibility into everything, including its history, configuration, versions, deployments, access, security, logs, and more. All with value-add tools, highlighters, rule engines, and more to help manage things, plus Audit Logs, Alerts, and more.

OpsStack can design and build new systems, and takeover, audit, migrate, and optimize existing ones, too. Full bi-directional CMDB and 1000 point audit systems all easy takeovers, plus deep server comparisons, threat detection, reverse templating, cloning, and more.

This is the platform Internet and Cloud Operations Teams have been waiting for.

OpsStack, built by and for Operations Engineers.

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